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QNRT® is a unique Neurological Therapy created by Dr. Turner that involves  comprehensive neurological evaluation techniques to identify and re- set specific adverse emotional events or triggers that have imprinted in your brain. These adverse events lock into your nervous system and memory and create files that direct how you feel and think about certain events.  An example is when you touch a hot stove as a child your brain imprints the negative event and associates the experience as bad. Your brain then alters your thought process and actions when you are near a hot surface.  This is an over simplified analogy but demonstrates how events lock into your nervous system and cause a change in how you respond to certain stimuli.

Adverse emotional events also  imprint in your brain just as physical events do and cause a change in neuronal pathways in the brain. These adverse event's may manifest themselves in both physical & mental symptoms and illnesses as well as increase a persons risk for addictive, destructive and self sabotaging behaviors later in life.  According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC),  the Adverse Childhood Experience  "ACE" study concluded that children who experienced specific adverse childhood events were significantly more prone to multiple health problems and illnesses as well as social problems. These problems manifest themselves not only during childhood but many years later well into adulthood. The issues cited in the study included a much higher incidence in heart, respiratory and Liver diseases as well as anxiety, depression,  alcohol and  drug abuse, incarceration and early sexual behavior. 
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Neurotherapy begins with an evaluation of brain activity and  brain wave function. Utilizing an Electroencephalogram (EEG), we are able to measure activity in different brain lobes and identify specific neurological hyperactivity,  inefficiency, and  brain mapping patterns consistent with common physical,  behavioral, cognitive or emotional decline.  

What are Brain Waves? Brain waves are the result of synchronized electrical impulses produced by the firing of billions of neurons in the brain as they communicate with each other. They are divided into  bandwidths  which identify their specific function. When slower waves are dominate you may feel sluggish, tired, sleepy, experience "foggy thinking"  or have  difficulty comprehending information. When fast waves are dominant you  may feel hyper, alert, agitated or strange, The details of how  and  where the brain wave patterns are firing within the brain lobes and at what frequency reveal  an understanding of certain symptoms or behaviors one may be experiencing. 

Neurotherapy  works with the fundamentals of Neuroplasticity to help make changes within the brain in the way the neurons fire.
Neuroplasticity is the ability of your brain to learn, change and adapt  to stimuli and repetitive training. A simple  example of neuroplasticity at work is when you begin routinely driving to a new location and are unfamiliar with the route to get there. As you begin to drive you must pay careful attention to the signs and find your way slowly and try to remember landmarks for when to turn. As you repeat the drive over and over  your brain learns the correct pathway and will take you to your destination with little or no thought to the details of the destination. 

Connections within the brain are constantly becoming stronger or weaker depending on what  is being  regularly utilized or exercised in the brain. Since the brain controls everything we think feel and do, harnessing  and maximizing one's own neuroplasticity is essential for  making the necessary changes in your life to achieve optimal performance and  complete wellness.

Neurofeedback  is a process by which the brain is trained to adapt by using visual, tactile and or auditory stimuli.  The stimuli provided sends  information back to the brain. The brain then processes the incoming information about how it is functioning and works to correct the areas of deficiency maximizing performance and correcting imbalances in the brain.

This is accomplished by placing sensors on the scalp which are connected to the EEG used  to measure and monitor brain activity and also connected to a computer which provides the stimuli.  Methods may include programing videos or animations to run off of optimal performing brain activity only so when the client watches the screen the picture will only move and the music only plays when the desired brain activity occurs. This rewards the brain and encourages reparative optimal performing brain activity.   Other methods may  include brain frequency synchronization utilizing  light and sound  therapy. The lights and sounds are programed  with the frequency of the desired brain wave. Brainwaves are measure in frequencies of Hertz (HZ) cycles per second. As the  frequency of the lights and sounds at the desired frequency are processed by the brain  at the area being trained the brain  activity begins to synchronize with the  light and sound frequency resulting in the desired  brain activity.  As the brain synchronizes it is again rewarded with  pleasant music or scenery thus further  encouraging the desired frequency to occur.




Biofeedback is a technique used to display information about internal processes to help learn to influence and control  your internal functions such as heart rate,  respiratory rate and temperature  which are normally not under one's conscious control.  These techniques are commonly used by high performing athletes to achieve optimal performance under pressure. These techniques have become a standard of practice in professional sports. These techniques are also very helpful in managing  other conditions such as stress, High blood pressure and headaches. By controlling your heart  rate and breathing  you can reduce stress, nervousness and blood pressure, by  learning how to change your skin temperature you can influence blood flow  which can reduce or stop the onset of  headaches. 

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