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Do you have a testimonial you would like to submit? 

Use the contact form below to  tell us your story.  Only your initials will be used to protect your privacy.

"I no longer feel I’m suffering from the symptoms of joint pain, muscle aches, fatigue, and confusion.  I have consulted with over thirty healthcare practitioners to help me recover from my chronic symptoms. I have had an array of diagnoses by none of the therapies provided had any long term benefits.  My marriage has suffered as a result of always being sick and not feeling well. It was not till I consulted with Dr. Turner did I learn what I was experiencing was directly linked to an Adverse Childhood experience when I was 8 years old. After QNRT™  therapy I have now free of symptoms for over a year. I enjoy my family, friends, and being active again. I can’t thank Dr. Turner and QNRT™  enough because I now have my life back."- T. D.

"Dr. Turner identified and helped me with my autoimmune condition. I had been to eight other doctors trying to figure out why I was so miserable and suffered from chronic fatigue, pain, depression and  a chronic skin condition that was inflamed and  embarrassing. Dr. Turner was able to help me get better in just a few weeks of treatment. Thanks to him I'm able to enjoy my life again and be the mother my children deserve. My skin cleared up and break outs have not returned."  A.T  

"I sleep like a baby after years of sleeplessness. Here’s the truth: I haven’t slept in years; never was a good sleeper. I’ve always known this, but it was blatantly obvious after two sessions of QNRT™ . After the 1st visit, I slept like a baby and even better after the second. Dr. Turner found that my brain was not balanced from an early Adverse Childhood Experience in my mother’s womb. As an adult I finally understand why I always felt responsible for anyone’s stress or misfortune. After having my Brain balanced with QNRT™ it felt like my body settled down and I was able to get the best sleep of my life! And, to those of you who are experiencing sleep deprivation, you know how valuable a good night’s sleep really is."
- J. J.

"Because of  Dr. Turner and QNRT™ we don’t have to accept ADHD as a diagnosis for my 10 year old son.  He had a hard time completing assignments, both at school and at home. I wanted to avoid the prescription drug route so we tried several drug free programs with minimal results. With QNRT™  we found his brain imbalances from previous Adverse Childhood experiences. Now that his brain is balanced, he gets his homework done in record time and has much more confidence at school."
- K. R.

"I’m smiling for no reason and more hopeful about my life then I’ve ever been. My wife thought it would be a good idea that I come see Dr. Turner and I was skeptical about doing so. We live out of state and I have suffered from sadness for several years.   After my first visit, I felt lighter. It was discovered with QNRT™  that I had an Adverse Childhood Experience when I was growing up that I could not be happy.  Because of how I was raised, it’s always been hard for me to feel I deserve success. Even worse it has even been even harder to find a reason to maintain any level of success in my life. I have felt tortured by this for many years even though I have a great wife and an amazing 2 year old daughter. After several QNRT™  sessions I am amazed how much better I feel."
- C. H.


" I suffered with chronic hip and leg pain for several years. I had physical therapy, saw several orthopedic doctors and  they  basically prescribed exercises, steroids and pain meds which helped to ease the pain at times but I never got  better. A friend of mine told me how Dr. Turner had helped him with a frozen shoulder and encouraged me to see him. After only  two visits with Dr. Turner my pain went from a 8 to a 2 and and within 2 weeks both the hip and leg pain were gone without the use of drugs.  If you have a chronic problem  you want fixed, I recommend Dr. John Turner". - T. W.

"I’m happier and freer than I’ve ever been. I am a 14 year old teenage girl and I can’t tell you how many days I have wasted sitting in my room extremely sad an unhappy. I learned how to cut my wrists and inner thighs just enough to relieve the stress in my life. My parents tried to help me but were unsuccessful because no one, including the specialists, could tell me what was wrong. In my first Q.N.R.T™ session Dr. Turner found the Adverse Childhood Experience in my first month of life. The result of it was I felt unwanted and unloved. My current behavior was exactly the same. After 5 visits with Dr. Turner, my sadness went away I feel more stable and I have no desire to cut myself.  I’m been able to tell my friends of my experiences with Dr. Turner so that they can get help too. I now know there is a way out."
- K. L.

"I have my brilliant, beautiful daughter back! My daughter has been sick the majority of her life which has caused me to be a little too accommodating because deep down I felt it was my entire fault. Now that she is a teenager, she seems to blame everything on me and we have a very rocky relationship; I just didn’t know what to do. Since being treated by Dr. Turner with Q.N.R.T™ ., our relationship has blossomed and the cutting and morbid thoughts have ceased. I can’t begin to tell you how relieved and grateful our entire family is. My younger daughter is next in line for treatment."
- Mother of K. L.

"My son’s self esteem has grown by leaps and bounds. My 14 year old son had a history of less than desirable grades and a habitual lack of self control that cause him to lie for no reason landing him into trouble at home and at school. Even a lengthy suspension from school wasn’t enough to see the light. While undergoing Q.N.R.T™   treatment, we seemed to have turned a corner. He made the honor roll for the first time ever and now if he lies, he immediately corrects it instead of letting it fester into family unrest like before. He even lettered at school in his chosen extracurricular and the guidelines include behavior requirements, being in good academic standing and higher than standard levels of performance. The most important thing that has come of this is that he knows he can excel regardless of past behavior."
– A. M.

"I tried multiple treatments and doctors and even had surgery and my pain was still not relieved. After a few QNRT™  sessions with Dr. Turner in Atlanta, my pain ceased. He was able to find the cause of the pain which was neurological and related to other pain in my life. He  was so concerned and compassionate through the process. I highly recommend QNRT™  and Dr. Turner to anyone suffering with pain or other chronic conditions."

"Timed math problems are no longer a challenge for my 3rd grader! My 7 year old daughter is a very fine student, but I recently noticed that she was having trouble completing her timed multiplication work in school. Sitting at home at the kitchen table was a breeze, but in her desk, at school, was a whole other situation. On a routine visit to Dr. Turner, I mentioned that there had been difficulty with math at school. He evaluated my daughter and found that her Brain was out of balance in the area where math is usually done. He did a QNRT™  session with her and gave her some brain exercises. Honestly I did not see how it was going to help my daughter but we did them anyway. Low and behold, it worked! She completes her assignments in record time!"
- T. W.

"Long term stomach issues are gone! For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from some type of digestive complaints. This has also been a problem for many of my family members. Recently, my stomach issues got really out of hand as I was approaching my wedding date. Everything I ate made it that much worse and I was really happy to get married. After several QNRT™  sessions, Dr. Turner related anger as a child and from a previous marriage to my digestion symptoms. I am now free of the chronic pain I was experiencing and I also know how to prevent it. Now I can eat carbohydrates AND dairy AND enjoy my new husband."
- T. H.

"I am no longer avoiding conflicts in my life!  I have a lifetime history of avoiding conflicts in my life. Because of it, a year ago, I lost everything I ever owned and my life was so out of balance, it seemed hopeless. In the initial QNRT®  evaluation my adverse childhood experience of “fear of loss” was found to be contributing to my inability to make good choices. Within the first two sessions of QNRT™  with Dr. Turner, I could see a difference right away. By the fourth session I was more confident and I was able to deal with the messes that I had created.  Once my brain was balanced I was able to complete the tasks recommended. Today, I have an amazing job, a home, step children that look to me for guidance, and the wife that I’ve spent 20 years praying to God for. I am thankful for what QNRT ™ contributed in helping me getting my life back in order."
- J. H.

"I no longer have a marriage based on mistrust and disagreements. My wife and I both came to receive QNRT™ from Dr. Turner  based our 7 year old daughters success with his therapy.  After her recovery, I realized we as parents needed help. After my wife and I received QNRT™ we now have a new center in our marriage.  I can honestly say before QNRT® , I had a non-gratifying, self-centered, train wreck of a marriage. I felt controlled and manipulated, and responded in kind.  This feeling stemmed from several adverse emotional experiences that happened when I was a child and a teenager. QNRT™  helped me recover from these events and re-balance my brain. Now, I am a new man, who is able to lead and provide for my wife and family.  We now can recognize the traps that we can get into with our relationship and make better choices. My marriage is now comprised of effective communication, conflict resolution, deep fulfillment, and joy.  Thank you Dr. Turner."  
- J. W.

 "I have been to chiropractors before but I never  experienced anything like this place. Dr. Turner is amazing. He developed different ways of treating  conditions that he teaches to other doctors. I bring my whole family to him.  No matter what is going on he always makes it better. All the staff are wonderful, knowledgeable and friendly.  They are all genuinely  concerned  about each member of my family. I recommend that you come to see the EXPERT (Dr. Turner) You will be glad you did". - P.D.

"I no longer suffer from chronic fatigue and allergies.  I suffered with various allergies for many years and took antihistamines and decongestants several times a day every day just to breathe and not be completely miserable. I was also tired all of the time and had difficulty getting through the day because of a general lack of energy. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. I went to several different doctors trying to find relief, they all gave me  more prescriptions for antihistamines and decongestants. After working with Dr. Turner through his QNRT™ methods we were able to identify the root cause of my allergy symptoms and I was able to stop taking the antihistamines and decongestants completely and my energy level went up. I  have been able to breathe with no allergy symptoms for over a year now and my whole life is better as a result. What a difference this has made in my life." -A.T.

"Because of QNRT™  I don't feel broken anymore.  I have my life back and no longer suffer from chronic pain."- K. B. 

"People are  telling me that I seem like a new person after QNRT™ with Dr. Turner. I am  no longer sick all the time and I am able to work now."-A.D. 

 "QNRT™ works!  Using QNRT™, Dr. Turner helped  me  get my life back on track and save my marriage and family. I recommend anyone needing help in relationships to give this a try." -M.B.

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