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QNRT is a unique Neurological Therapy created by Dr. Turner that involves  comprehensive neurological evaluation techniques to identify and re- set specific adverse emotional events or triggers that have imprinted in your brain. These adverse events lock into your nervous system and memory and create files that direct how you feel and think about certain events.  An example is when you touch a hot stove as a child your brain imprints the negative event and associates the experience as bad. Your brain then alters your thought process and actions when you are near a hot surface.  This is an over simplified analogy but demonstrates how events lock into your nervous system and cause a change in how you respond to certain stimuli.

Adverse emotional events also  imprint in your brain just as physical events do and cause a change in neuronal pathways in the brain. These adverse event's may manifest themselves in both physical & mental symptoms and illnesses as well as increase a persons risk for addictive, destructive and self sabotaging behaviors later in life.  According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC),  the Adverse Childhood Experience  "ACE" study concluded that children who experienced specific adverse childhood events were significantly more prone to multiple health problems and illnesses as well as social problems. These problems manifest themselves not only during childhood but many years later well into adulthood. The issues cited in the study included a much higher incidence in heart, respiratory and Liver diseases as well as anxiety, depression,  alcohol and  drug abuse, incarceration and early sexual behavior. 
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This begins with an evaluation of brain activity and  brain wave function. Utilizing an Electroencephalogram (EEG), we are able to measure activity in different brain lobes and identify specific neurological hyperactivity,  inefficiency, and  brain mapping patterns consistent with common physical,  behavioral, cognitive or emotional decline.  

What are Brain Waves? Brain waves are the result of synchronized electrical impulses produced by the firing of billions of neurons in the brain as they communicate with each other. They are divided into  bandwidths  which identify their specific function. When slower waves are dominate you may feel sluggish, tired, sleepy, experience "foggy thinking"  or have  difficulty comprehending information. When fast waves are dominant you  may feel hyper, alert, agitated or strange, The details of how  and  where the brain wave patterns are firing within the brain lobes and at what frequency reveal  an understanding of certain symptoms or behaviors one may be experiencing. 

Neurotherapy  works with the fundamentals of Neuroplasticity to help make changes within the brain in the way the neurons fire.
Neuroplasticity is the ability of your brain to learn, change and adapt  to stimuli and repetitive training. A simple  example of neuroplasticity at work is when you begin routinely driving to a new location and are unfamiliar with the route to get there. As you begin to drive you must pay careful attention to the signs and find your way slowly and try to remember landmarks for when to turn. As you repeat the drive over and over  your brain learns the correct pathway and will take you to your destination with little or no thought to the details of the destination. 

Connections within the brain are constantly becoming stronger or weaker depending on what  is being  regularly utilized or exercised in the brain. Since the brain controls everything we think feel and do, harnessing  and maximizing one's own neuroplasticity is essential for  making the necessary changes in your life to achieve optimal performance and  complete wellness.

Neurofeedback  is a process by which the brain is trained to adapt by using visual, tactile and or auditory stimuli.  The stimuli provided sends  information back to the brain. The brain then processes the incoming information about how it is functioning and works to correct the areas of deficiency maximizing performance and correcting imbalances in the brain.

This is accomplished by placing sensors on the scalp which are connected to the EEG used  to measure and monitor brain activity and also connected to a computer which provides the stimuli.  Methods may include programing videos or animations to run off of optimal performing brain activity only so when the client watches the screen the picture will only move and the music only plays when the desired brain activity occurs. This rewards the brain and encourages reparative optimal performing brain activity.   Other methods may  include brain frequency synchronization utilizing  light and sound  therapy. The lights and sounds are programed  with the frequency of the desired brain wave. Brainwaves are measure in frequencies of Hertz (HZ) cycles per second. As the  frequency of the lights and sounds at the desired frequency are processed by the brain  at the area being trained the brain  activity begins to synchronize with the  light and sound frequency resulting in the desired  brain activity.  As the brain synchronizes it is again rewarded with  pleasant music or scenery thus further  encouraging the desired frequency to occur.

Optimal Performance Training involves various methods mentioned above utilizing Neurofeedback and or Biofeedback methods to identify opportunities for improvement in the  areas of brain wave activity or controlling internal functions to achieve a maximal level of physical, behavioral or cognitive functioning.

Our Neurotherapist is a licensed Health Care professional that has completed the Biofeedback Federation of Europe's approved training requirements and is a participating member of the ISNR International Society for Neurotherapy and Research.




Biofeedback is a technique used to display information about internal processes to help learn to influence and control  your internal functions such as heart rate,  respiratory rate and temperature  which are normally not under one's conscious control.  These techniques are commonly used by high performing athletes to achieve optimal performance under pressure. These techniques have become a standard of practice in professional sports. These techniques are also very helpful in managing  other conditions such as stress, High blood pressure and headaches. By controlling your heart  rate and breathing  you can reduce stress, nervousness and blood pressure, by  learning how to change your skin temperature you can influence blood flow  which can reduce or stop the onset of  headaches.



Specializing in Autoimmune and Chronic Conditions  

Functional Medicine It seeks to identify and address the root causes of illness. This approach views the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs  or symptoms. The focus is on drilling down to the root cause of what is causing the symptoms and making a change. The symptoms may be supported naturally to bring temporary relief while making a metabolic change in the body to bring long term relief without the use of drugs. There are various methods employed to determine root cause including blood work, EEG, other in house neurological, physical assessments and metabolic testing. 



Our model is "Functional Neurological Chiropractic" which is brain based. The brain and nervous system control everything we think, feel and do. It controls and regulates every system in your body.  Our Doctors examine, evaluate and identify the areas of the nervous system that are directly involved with the specific symptoms you are experiencing and then reset and balance the nervous system to rehabilitate and restore proper function to the area.   

Quantum Shift Technique  (QST™)  created by Dr. Turner  utilizes evaluation strategies that identify imbalances in the brain/ body connection that effect the body in terms of balance, pain, posture, muscle weakness, Range of Motion (ROM)  and general function. This  advanced  adjusting technique allows the doctor  to make quick changes in the way the brain communicates with the body restoring correct posture, balance and improving pain, weakness and ROM.  



PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy:  
We are a "Certified Pulse Center"

PEMF  affects  the charge of the cell membrane, and allows membrane channels to open up, nutrients enter the cell, and waste  products move out of the cell more easily.  This helps to restore optimum cellular  function allowing the entire body to function better. Maintaining the function of every individual cell at an optimal level is also important in slowing the aging process. Cellular “injury,” the state of a cell when it is not healthy, leads to disease conditions . Magnetic fields balance cells, tissues and bodily functions at very fundamental level. Using a PEMF therapy device daily rejuvenates your cells and increases their metabolism by:


  • Improving ATP (energy) production

  • Increasing oxygen supply to cells

  • Enhancing circulation  

  • Facilitating detoxification of the body

  • Allowing for a better absorption of nutrients

    Other uses  for PEMF:

 Support for muscles, tendons and ligaments in recovery from exercise, injury  and strain. It has shown to be  beneficial in bone regeneration  and maintaining density and bone regrowth;  helps with wound healing by increasing the stimulation of new cell growth and the output of current cells. ​ Studies have shown much improvement in migraines, reducing pain and inflammation



Our specialized approach to Nutrition gets you on the fast track to wellness.  Our methods also save clients’ money by eliminating multiple unnecessary supplementation and vitamins. We identify specific vitamin, nutrient or mineral deficiencies in your body. We incorporate functional medicine, blood, saliva and urine analysis to ensure accuracy and provide natural supplements for only those areas where you test as deficient.  Allergy testing, food sensitivities and intolerance are also evaluated and specific nutritional and lifestyle recommendations are made. Many clients come to us with 10 to 20 different products. After the comprehensive nutritional assessment and metabolic analysis, most clients leave with only the need for two or three natural products to get the best results.

One reason people are on so many different products is their body's inability to absorb or process essential vitamins and nutrients appropriately. Until this issue is addressed and corrected supplementation will not correct the problems. As with all of our methods, treatment begins with first identifying and treating the root cause of the symptoms.  


Life Scan:  A life Scan is an instrument that reads Electromagnetic waves emitted from the cells of the human body. This reveals specific health conditions and an individual’s predisposition to specific clinical conditions.

How Does It Work? It measures specific vibrating waves generated by the electrons orbiting the nucleus of an atom. Weak magnetic frequency waves and energy of the human body are read by an electromagnetic Sensor. The data is then compared with the standard spectrum of diseases and nutritional requirements.

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The media and internet are full of "one size fits all " detox and diet advice.

If you want to stay healthy in this increasingly toxic world, then it certainly helps to detox and cleanse to prevent build up of toxic chemicals in your body. Our bodies have a unique and sophisticated system for detoxing which is in motion each day, however due to the amount of exposure to toxins today our bodies become overwhelmed.

Many of the recommendations I see on line are ways to make the body more Alkaline which many believe to be synonymous with optimal health. Nothing could be further for the truth. It is true that we don't want to be acidic but balance is where we find health not in a highly alkaline state. Alkalinity actually increases the work load on the liver rendering it sluggish and unable to break down proteins as well as it impairs the liver's ability to produce enzymes which are necessary for proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

A person that is too acidic who becomes a bit more alkaline will begin to feel much better, whereas, a person who is already alkaline becomes more alkaline begins to build up a greater toxic load and suffers from low energy and constipation just to name a couple of the symptoms.

Each Spring and Fall we see countless clients who come in to see us for help after following recommendations they either found on line or heard about from a friend. These detox / cleansing programs actually made them worse. Each person is biochemically unique and what is good for one may be poison to another. Why guess when you can be sure?

Researchers have shown that we store a number of chemicals in our tissues that our detox system isn't able to completely rid form our bodies. Participating in a specifically designed detox program with foods and supplements that are unique to your metabolic constitution will help you to find optimal health.

When it comes to your health and well-being don't mess around. We will design a program specifically for you based on metabolic testing to ensure you are getting the right type of foods, supplements and other recommendations based on scientific knowledge of your biochemical uniqueness.



Reflexology is an alternative treatment for a variety of conditions and has been in use for thousands of years.  The ancient Chinese and Egyptians have documented practices similar to reflexology as a treatment for certain afflictions. Reflexology is much more than a foot massage. It involves the reflexologist applying pressure to specific  acupressure areas in the feet that affect related reflex areas of the body.

The  many health benefits of reflexology:

Increases circulation: which means that blood and oxygen are being cycled through the body more effectively. More oxygen reaches vital organs, thereby optimizing their functioning and further increasing the metabolism. This also results in faster healing and re-growth of damaged cells.


Improves Nerve Function: As we age, our nerve endings become less sensitive in many parts of our body, particularly in our extremities. That being said, reflexology stimulates more than 7,000 different nerve endings in a single session, thereby increasing their function and reactivity. Opening up neural pathways can help improve functionality and flexibility in many areas around the body.

Boosted Energy Levels: By aligning the functioning of various organ and muscle systems, reflexology can increase metabolism and energy creation processes within the body.

Increases Relaxation:  Reflexology opens neural pathways, and these results in a more relaxed state in the body. It inducing a state of calmness throughout your body and mind. In this same vein, reflexology is commonly used to help with sleep problems and to calm anxiety.


Elimination of Toxins Reflexology has been shown to improve bladder function and reduce urinary tract issues. What this means in terms of toxicity is a more efficient system of eliminating toxins and other foreign substances, thereby protecting your body from the various diseases and health conditions that can often arise from a compromised urinary system.

Nervous System Stimulation: Reflexology opens neural pathways. The open neural pathways can benefit the central nervous system by enhancing the brain’s ability to handle inputs more effectively, thereby enhancing cognitive efficiency.   It also releases endorphins that help to reduce pain and stress. ​




Cold Laser Therapy is a safe treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue to help accelerate the healing process. It can be beneficial for clients that suffer from a variety of both acute and chronic physical conditions. It is frequently used to help eliminate pain, muscle spasms, swelling and to increase functionality. Cold Lasers may be used by stimulating  specific reflex points. The same points as acupuncture but without the needles. The lasers deliver light energy  units called photons to damaged cells. This treatment is FDA approved, non invasive and provides a non addictive treatment that eliminates the effects of long term drug treatment programs. Other benefits include: non toxic, painless treatment that is affordable, has no side effects and is highly effective.  Some conditions commonly treated  with cold laser include but are not limited to:

  • Acute and Chronic Pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Bursitis

  • Arthritis

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Muscle strains

  • Tendonitis

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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 Pain can prevent you from being able to live an active happy life. We utilize neurological chiropractic techniques as well as cold laser and other modalities to identify and treat the pain at the source.  Our Doctors can create a specific plan to help you reduce or eliminate the use of addictive drugs for pain symptom relief. All of our  approaches to pain management are drug free and targeted to eliminate the cause when possible or manage  and prevent exacerbations of chronic conditions. Many of our clients who suffer from aches and pains report significant improvement in just one treatment.   Dr. Turner is renown for his pain protocol that he teaches to other chiropractic physicians. Experience the difference for yourself.