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Tel: 770 - 993-7330

Dr. Turner defines Wellness as "a state of optimal well being that is oriented toward maximizing the individual's potential to live a long healthy fulfilling life".

A state of true wellness encompasses mental, physical as well as spiritual well being. At our clinic, we use a brain based neurological approach. In addition we evaluate all body systems to help you achieve true wellness. The Brain is the control Center for your mind and body.  Our Doctors conduct comprehensive neurological and metabolic assessments that reveal specific deficiencies which contribute to multiple symptoms and adverse conditions. Every individual's neurology and biochemical make up is unique and reveals specific information about why you physically feel and emotionally react the way you do. We also specialize in getting to the root cause of autoimmune conditions which allows the body's immune response to settle down. Once the deficiencies and root causes are identified, a specific plan of treatment to target your needs will be created especially for you to help you achieve optimal wellness.


Dr. John Turner, DC
Founder and creator of QNRT®
  and QSTTM 
President QNRT® Professional Association


Our Clinic Provides:

  • Wellness

  • Pain Treatment

  • ​Functional Medicine
    (Autoimmune and chronic conditions)

  • Chiropractic Care (Neurological - Functional) 

  • Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy  (QNR®T)

  • Quantum Shift Technique (QST®)

  • Neurotherapy:           
    (EEGs -Neurofeedback - Biofeedback)

  • Brain Training

  • PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy:
    (Certified Pulse Center)   

  • Cold Laser Therapy

  • Nutritional Evaluations  

  • Detox

  • Natural Nutritional Products and Remedies

We are  dedicated team of Chiropractic Doctors, Naturopaths, and  Neurotherapists led by Dr. John Turner. 
 We specialize in identifying and addressing the root cause of your symptoms with a neurological and natural approach. 
 We create personalized treatment plans based on your health concerns. 

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